Culturally Sensitive



Through innovative programs such as the Community-Led Literacy Empowerment Network (CLEN) , E4Change has pioneered new approaches to education that are culturally sensitive, community-driven, and inclusive, resulting in improved literacy rates, enhanced learning outcomes, and greater social integration for all individuals. E4Change began teacher professional development through Mobile Resource Teachers.

Learning materials are distributed to the students. We distribute exercise books, pencils and erasers to all our adult students and we provide those resources (exercise books, pencils and erasers) orphan and poor family’s students.

Teachers’ Professional Development

Among the continuous activities that we have been doing since E4Change’s beginning is teachers’ capacity building through mobile professional development. The capacity building training is conducted by identifying gaps in teachers’ skills, and E4Change’s Teacher Trainer travels to the Kelafo district villages each week.

The teachers in each village benefit directly from the professional training, which makes them improve their teaching capacity and makes them competent. Consequently, the students, found in each respective school, are the indirect beneficiaries from this program. We serve 2191 students and 59 teachers within six villages.

Adult Literacy Learning

When women are literate they are able to support their children in being literate, become entrepreneurs and make change for their families. The power of literacy is that it changes life for more than one person.

E4Change believes in equitable education where any citizen regardless of their gender and age, can receive a basic education.
E4C draws from 37 villages in the Kelafo region of Ethiopia in offering basic literacy and numeracy education in six villages. This empowering literacy program has over 2000+ women and girls who can now write their own name and calculate change when shopping. These are the beginning steps toward financial security, which opens the door for future basic livelihood small enterprise development.

Hope Library

Hope Library was built in 2018 in Kelafo, Ethiopia through a generous donation to E4C. Presently, there are over 10,000 books and resources available for digital signing out through the oversight of a full-time librarian.

In addition, Hope Library has become a hub of the community with teachers bringing their classes to the library for basic reading instruction, and to participate in read-a-thons.
In April 2024, approximately 400 levelled reading texts were brought to Ethiopia to add to the collection.

" We believe in
equitable education
where any citizen
regardless of their
gender and age,
can receive a
basic education. "